Wedding invitation video maker online
Video invitation maker online

When you are planning an event, you want it to be a once-in-a-life time event. You have done lots of preparations like selected a cool theme, rented a restaurant or cafรฉ, chose a catering company. The only thing missing is beautiful invites. Attract peopleโ€™s attention with an exciting invitation.

There are so many options today for event invitations. You can go with traditional paper invitation or with digital invites. While the format may have changed, but they are still as important as they were. Invitations are usually your first contact with the guests and they build the hype and excitement a long before the event day.

Nowadays invites no longer have to be sent formally on mail, they are now easily issued and accepted via social media and email. You can make invitations online and it will not only increase your audience attention, but it will also make it easier for them to prepare for the event. You have many options and tools while making online invitations.

Why einvitations?

Emails and digital invites are usually free to send if you send via email or one of the free email marketing platforms. A lot of event registration sites enable you to send evites directly from the system to keep everything consistent.

Some tools allow you to create a professional design in line with your event branding, without any design experience. Alternatively you can still pay a designer to create something impactful which will be uploaded and sent out electronically.

Digital invitations are great for public events where there are no limits to the attendees and you are trying to encourage sign up from a large amount of people. It makes it easy for people to forward details to their networks if it is an open invitation to a public event.

Eco-friendly option for sustainability conscious guests.
You can include a lot more information in an evite than an actual invitation, as well as adding more sponsorship and advertising spots, which can be tracked.
You can create interesting effects and have moving graphics on screen that arenโ€™t possible with traditional invitations.

Why video invitation maker online with

You can create video invitation online either free or premium, in few minutes; no need to wait for days. Choose the invitation you want and fill up the details, upload and crop images (if applicable to invitation template). Just click preview and get invitation video in minutes.

We support many languages including indian, arabic, chinese, of course english. Which means you can create video invitation online in you mother tongue or language. If your mother tongue or language not listed, please contact us for extended support.

No designing skill required at all. Any one with basic knowledge of browsing internet can create video invtiation online with our invitation maker.